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  1. posted by Jan on December 31, 2015

    I am very happy that the Hopper exists now. Jacques the Owner is wonderful and very helpful. Its a miracle to have a business answer the phone every time and be so helpful. I tried it once with one of the smaller restaurants and wasn’t thrilled, but thought it was to be expected. But then I tried Maui Sandwich Shack for their sandwiches. I have never seen a sandwich so big, and so filled with meat as the Jaws Triple Club with Tri Tip for $14.95! I don’t know how they put that much meat, cheese, vegetables and so many slices of bread together and not lose money. It filled a whole 7″ X 7″ plastic container. And the family size Pesto Mac N Cheese for only $10.95 is in a full size pie plate and is piled 3″ high. I had to take a bite the moment I saw it, and started eating it like a rabid dog. The delivery person is always so sweet and really cares, she goes over the order with you and relays any infor from the restaurant. I cannot handle anything spicy, and Jacques made sure that was in the notes, so without asking, the restaurant knew not to give me the horseradish coleslaw that comes with the sandwich, and instead gave me almost a full container of green salad. With SPINACH, and BLUEBERRIES and PINEAPPLE and MACNUTS!!! Not cheap stuff. This is my new favorite restaurant, and I can’t speak highly enough of Jacques and the Hopper.

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